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Timeless Logo

Your logo is your first impression. It's the face of your company, and it can be the thing that makes or breaks you in the long run.

What you will get:

  • 7 Phase Completion

  • Unlimited Revisions 

  • All File Formats

  • Colour Palette 

  • Font Specifications 

  • Social Media Kits

Image by Rubén Bagüés


The Process

Phase 1: Discovery

This is the first stage in the logo design process, where we gather information about your company or brand for which the logo is being created. This may include the company's history, mission, target audience, and any specific design preferences or requirements.

Image by Isaac Davis

Phase 3: Brainstorm

In this stage, we generate a list of ideas and concepts for the logo design. This may involve sketching out rough ideas, brainstorming with a team, or using creative techniques such as mind mapping or word associations.

Image by Mario Gogh

Phase 5: Design

In this stage, we create a digital version of the logo design using graphic design software. The design may be refined and edited based on feedback from the client or team members.

Image by Kumpan Electric

Phase 7: Delivery

Once the logo design has been finalized and approved, we deliver the final version to the client. This may include providing high-resolution versions of the logo in various file formats for use in various applications.

Business Deal

Phase 2: Research 

In this stage, we conduct research on the company's industry, competitors, and target audience to gather ideas and inspiration for the logo design. This may involve looking at trends and styles in the industry, studying other logos in the market, and understanding the demographics and preferences of the target audience.

Image by Martin Adams

Phase 4: Sketch

After generating ideas and concepts, we create rough sketches of the logo design. These sketches may include different variations and layouts of the design, as well as any colour or font options.

Logo Designing

Phase 6: Present

We present the logo design to the client or team for review and feedback. This may involve sharing the design via email or in-person presentations.

Image by Austin Distel
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